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Airedale Terrier Club of Canada (ATCC)
National Specialty Judges

Since 1971

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The following is the list of Judges who have graced our ring, judging our National Specialties. A special thank you to Ron Hobkirk for his tireless research and assistance in providing the names for this list.

Year Judge Country

2015 Dr Lucie Paradis Canada
2014 Lee Steeves Canada
2013 Bill Walkey Canada
2012 Bruce Schwartz USA
2011 John Ross Canada
2010 Mr Edd Bivin USA
2009 Mr Raymond Lariviere Canada
2008 Ms Rhonda Davis USA
2007 Ms D MacDonald USA
2006 Mrs Ferelith Somerfield England
2005 Mr James C Reynolds Canada
2004 Mrs Peggy Biesel USA
2003 Mrs Jane Harvey Australia
2002 Mrs Lotus Tutton Canada
2001 Mr Charles Foley USA
2000 Mr Harry O’Donoghue Ireland
1999 Mr Roger Hartinger USA
1998 Mr Jon Cole USA
1997 Ms Rhonda Davis USA
1996 Mr Robert Fisher USA
1995 Mrs Lydia Coleman Hutchinson USA
1994 Mr K. McDermott USA
1993 Mr R. Moore USA
1992 Mr C. Foley USA
1991 Mrs M.K. Kipp USA
1990 Dr E.K. Mincey Canada
1989 Mr Hans Brunotte Canada
1988 Mrs Pam Running Canada
1987 Mr G.A. Burke Canada
1986 Mr M.J. Mahan USA
1985 Mr C.J. Foley USA
1984 Mrs M.K. Kipp USA
1983 Mr R.W. Hensel USA
1982 Mrs E.E. Bivin USA
1981 Mrs Barbara Keenan USA
1980 Mr Hans Brunotte Canada
1979 Mr Denis Barnes USA
1978 Mr Charles Foley USA
1977 Mrs Lydia Coleman-Hutchison USA
1976 Mr Tom Horner England
1975 Mr John Devlin Canada
1974 Mr Stan Whitmore Canada
1973 Mrs J H Daniell-Jenkins Canada
1972 Mr Anthony Stamm USA
1971 Mr Knut Egberg Canada


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